Nomad, Nomad x Looking Homeward

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Nomad, Nomad

In his debut short story collection, Jonan Pilet explores the lives of Mongols and expats, looking for a sense of home within the nomadic culture. Based on the author’s insights having grown up in Mongolia, the series of interlinked narratives capture the cultural turmoil Mongolia experienced after the fall of the Soviet Union, painting a vivid picture of Mongol landscapes, Western interactions, and the rise of cultural tensions. An orphaned Mongolian girl lives in the sewers of Ulaanbaatar. An American boy falls in love with a Mongolian girl who has committed patricide. A group of nomadic traders are stuck in a blizzard in the Mongolian steppe. In these eleven stories, Western misconceptions of Mongolia are dispelled as home is discovered to be a transcultural human need.

Looking Homeward
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