Makeweights x Coffeebar

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Makeweight. Something of little independent value thrown in to fill a gap.

That is how most on the Captain's Deck of the Amethyst viewed Fehime Coheno and Albie Cobb, two members of the inferior Operations crew. Despite Fehime's extensive knowledge of intergalactic languages and cultures, and Albie's skill and experience in strategy, the two best friends have been made to sit on the sidelines for much of their time on the ship, watching through outdated screens in a dark room as field teams traveled to foreign planets and interacted with alien species without them.

Coffeebar Coffee
Featuring a Guatemala from De la Gente’s home of San Miguel Escobar, a Mexico brought in by Sustainable Harvest, and the same Ethiopia blender that appears in the Zephyr, this coffee creates a balanced medium roast profile that can appeal to a broad range of coffee lovers. There’s enough fruit in there from the Ethiopia and Guatemalan coffees to keep it interesting, while the Mexico brings a sweet nuttiness. Overall though, this roast profile is designed for balance and sweetness.