Jupiter Fell out the Sky Last Night

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Asian American poet and student of the University of California, Berkeley, Giovanna Lomanto releases her second collection of poetry, jupiter fell out the sky last night, as a sophomore foray that investigates how the internal affects the external and vice versa. Emotionally moving, the collection focuses on the beauties of sensation—physical, psychological, physiological, and everything in between. In the celebration of a BIPOC poet’s coming-of-age though eloquent wordplay, readers will be left curiously haunted by the underlying unknowns. Easily comparable to the likes of Lang Leav, Jenny Zhang, and Wendy Xu, Lomanto’s poems are dedicated to self-exploration and identification of what’s deep within. Each poem will evoke a rawness of untold truths and reminisce on negative and positive youthful expressions, whether it’s tackling an identity crisis, reconciling with grief and a bruised heart, or attempting to come to terms with the magnitude of mending fractured familial bonds and self-love.