A Lost Woman x Brandywine

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A Lost Woman

Lillie Crawford is dying. Her mind slowly succumbing to the ruthlessness of Alzheimer’s, Lillie’s remaining time on Earth is predicted to be a slow and difficult journey.

As the seasons go by, Norah begins to lose herself in the storm that is her crumbling life. But as the waves crash over her, Norah begins to see that maybe there is something underneath, brought to the surface by the eddies of shame and sadness. Maybe there will be something left standing when the storm has passed. Something that looks a little like hope. The only question is whether Norah will stick around to see it.

Creativity, Kindness, and Coffee is a little spell we like to start the day with around our roasting and printing operation hidden away in Wilmington, Delaware, right outside of the Brandywine Valley. We aim to deliver a small bit of all of the above, plus a little wonder and joy with each screen printed bag of coffee that is sent out to the multiverse. All of our hand printed packages are filled with coffee intentionally, kindly, and responsibly sourced / roasted by our wonderful team of coffee mystics. Each hand printed bag features a custom illustration from the weirdly wonderful mind and hand of local Delaware artist Todd Purse. This helps emphasize that each coffee we release is itself a work of art living with in another work of art. Coffee art inside of coffee art...meta-coffee art! Please go forth to drink coffee, create and BE KIND!