October - Blood and Bone

Nora Ashe has a love of adventure and has explored sunken ships in the Great Barrier Reef, gone dog sledding in Canada, visited enchanted faerie wells in Ireland, and climbed to the peaks of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, where she lives with her partner and dog.

Nora’s helped write everything from TV scripts to case briefs, but her true passion has always been writing books. So, after a decade of travels, she packed up her things and headed home to Colorado to release her debut novel Blood and Bone.

Nora has had a love of writing dark, dystopian stories ever since she completed her first vampire novella at age eight. She majored in Creative Writing at the University of Melbourne and has published numerous short stories. This is her first novel.

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November - Compass Rose

Carly Eccles Sheaffer lives in Virginia with her husband, three wild but wonderful kids, a rescue dog who thinks it’s a human, and a baby boy in the sky. Carly loves the power of stories—creating them, reading them, remembering them. When she’s not teaching college writing, working on a book, or chasing around her little ones, Carly and her family enjoy DIY house projects, building sandcastles, exploring the mountains, and creating adventures together.

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December - Makeweights

Thomas A. Fowler is the author of nerdy things, which is mostly sci-fi but dabbles wherever he finds inspiration clinging to him. Starting in theatre and film, his debut feature screenplay, “The Code: Legend of the Gamers,” was entered into film festivals and is available to stream. He received award-nominations for his one-act plays and at the Paranoia Horror Film Festival for one of his scripts. Once shifting to books, Fowler has been published in steampunk, science-fiction, and horror anthologies from Story of the Month Club, Shiny Garden, Write Illusion, and RuneWright Publishing. He was the co-recipient of the Living Now Book Award from the Jenkins Group in 2018 for a co-authored writing prompt series, and his debut novel, The Thales, came out to rave reviews. Emily Yau, Commissioning Editor of The Martian, called it a “wonderful and moving book.” You can find all of his work at or on social @thomasafowler.

Fowler also uses his MBA in Marketing from Regis University and experience in advertising agencies to help authors market themselves with his Writer’s Conquest blog and books. In addition, he continues to write all the time and has more stories than he has time to write, but is working on that life-long goal of being able to only write creative stories for a living. When not writing, he works on being a good husband, father of four, and friend.

Makeweights is Fowler’s second novel and a love letter to Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy in a sci-fi world and dedicated to his best friend, Aylâ.

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January - The Color Within

From the soils of South London, K. A. M./Kam developed a love for storytelling and writing when neither were prominent persuasions. Life pulled him in many directions from comic art, to game development and even more mundane professions such as currency trading but words and their infinite way of expression ultimately won the war. Seven years later, writing deludedly without assistance from pristine Ivy league halls, he honed the craft to present the world his debut novel The Color Within.

K. A. M./Kam is currently planning a Science Fiction novel he hopes can provide a new perspective on our little lives on Earth.

If he is not roaming his own mind, reading with red wine or enjoying olives, he can be found at the places below: Twitter & Instagram