The Color Within

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In the summer of 1919, the streets of Chicago ran red. Red with the sweltering summer rays. Red with the hatred of the white man. Red with the blood of the Black man.

In the heat of that violent summer, two families at opposing forefronts of a race war clashed in inextricable ways, marking the lives of every member forever.

From the smoky office of his failing grocery store, Martin and his small band of chosen family plot a way to bring an end to the violence and degradation their community suffers. The community sees him as a stronghold, and he holds himself to that. At home, however, he and his young son, Corey, live a life of fear and frustration, with Corey confined to their house for most hours of the day, for fear of running into the enemy.

But when Corey has a fateful meeting with Elizabeth, an elderly white woman with a tragic past and a son who despises her almost as much as he despises Corey’s people, a series of events begins to unravel, ultimately leading to Corey jumping on a train and fleeing the city with Elizabeth.

Now hundreds of miles from home, with empty pockets and a dangerous contrast in skin color, Corey and Elizabeth must fight with everything they have to get Corey back to his dad.

However, Martin is not the only one looking for them. Elizabeth’s family is also searching for the pair...but for far more sinister reasons than a simple family reunion. 

On a journey born of hate, but led by compassion and trust, Corey and Elizabeth soon find that the familial love they grow for each other, despite the colors of their skin, may be the only thing that can save them.