Benefits of Reading in the Morning

At what time of day do you like to read?

If you were to ask ten different people when the best time to read is, you would probably get as many different answers. Some of us like to read in the afternoon when jobs around the house are done and before we start dinner; others tuck into bed an hour or so earlier to read a few chapters before lights out. As we age, some of us have trouble sleeping through the night – having a good book as a companion is very comforting in those long, sleepless hours. Many other readers look forward to scanning the morning paper before they start work.  

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Proven Benefits of Reading in the Morning

Reading is enjoyable at any time of the day, but there are many different benefits to reading in the morning. Recent research has highlighted the benefits of reading in the morning. Some of the adults who participated in a recent survey indicated that reading in the morning helped them wake up or put their brain in “decision-making mode.” Others contended that reading newspapers in the morning gave them an idea of the challenges the day might bring. Research shows that 7.00 and 11.00 in the morning is the best time to do things like mathematics and problem-solving activities.

There are several other proven benefits of reading in the morning, such as:

  • Relieving stress - Morning reading has been found to relieve stress.
  • Reducing chronic pain  - Reading, particularly in the morning, was discovered among sufferers of chronic pain to ease pain and take their minds off of their discomfort.
  • Easing anxiety - People who suffered from anxiety or depression discovered having a morning routine that included reading and journaling eased symptoms.
  • Enhancing communication - Morning reading improves communication skills, like increasing vocabulary, improving comprehension, and enriching social interactions.
  • Improving intelligence - Reading in the morning expands your knowledge of things and translates to higher reading and IQ scores. Dr. Seuss explained it best – “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Reading opens up new worlds. Exposure to reading translates to higher reading and IQ scores.
  • Increasing empathy - Reading makes us more empathetic. Getting lost in someone else’s problems makes it easier to relate to others. Reading helps you understand what others are feeling and thinking. Research by David Comer Kidd and Emanuele Castano contends that this, in turn, also improves social interactions.  
  • Boosting brain power - Just as jogging improves cardiovascular functioning, reading increases brain power by as much as thirty percent. Starting your day by reading also improves both focus and memory.

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Reading with a Subscription Box

No matter what time of day you choose to read, there’s a new subscription box that is sure to interest readers who like to discover new authors. If you do decide that reading in the morning benefits you best, it just so happens that this subscription box comes with coffee, too. 

Called Bound to Brew, this Denver-based company guarantees its monthly subscribers two things they are sure will entice the reading community:

  1. A brand new, never-before-published book by a new author
  2. An interesting, freshly-roasted coffee from a reputable coffee company.

Their first box goes out October first, so you have until September 14 to subscribe to their debut box. Boxes are priced at $29.00. If you live in the continental USA, shipping is free. 

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Promoting New Authors

This entrepreneurial venture is committed to giving new authors the opportunity to have a reading community, who might not yet be noticed by bigger publishing companies. Your monthly selection is chosen after the team has read hundreds of manuscripts. The goal is to promote new writers’ voices.

Introducing Local Coffee Roasters 

The coffee included in each monthly box is also selected by the Bound to Brew Team from their favorite coffee roasters. Subscribers have the chance to snuggle up with a new book and sip a rich gourmet coffee. 

Contributing to Underprivileged Kids

As an avid reader, you know about the many benefits of reading. In many underserved neighborhoods, this is not the case. That’s why Bound to Brew is committed to increasing literacy in communities where the ratio of books to kids is one book for every three hundred children.

The Bound to Brew Team will donate a portion of the profits of their subscription boxes to The Book Foundation. A nonprofit organization, the Book Foundation is committed to closing the gap between children who have books and those who do not.

Benefits of Bound to Brew Subscription Box

The risks are minimal. You can subscribe for only a month and just try it out. If the book is not to your liking, you can return it within that month. Your account will be credited. If you want to skip a month or two, simply indicate this in your account details. 

There are many good reasons to enhance your reading enjoyment by subscribing to Bound to Brew:

  • As a reader who enjoys undiscovered authors, you have an opportunity to support a new author by trying a carefully selected book. 
  • Your subscription also supports local coffee roasters, and fair trade coffee farmers all over the world. 
  • Part of your $29.00 monthly will be donated to The Book Foundation to address the needs of underserved children’s literacy initiatives.
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The Perfect Gift

There’s another way Bound to Brew can help you. How many of you find it hard to shop for friends or relatives? Shopping takes time you don’t have and it’s frustrating when you can’t find the perfect gift. Make gift giving fast, inexpensive, and easy by sending a one-time Bound to Brew box to that special person or by subscribing for a year. Each month, when they receive your thoughtful gift, their spirits will be lifted. They will open that new book, sip their new coffee flavor, and think fondly of you.

The benefits of online shopping have been felt this year more than ever. We’re living in dangerous times. A trip to a bricks-and-mortar site can literally jeopardize your health. Bound to Brew delivers a special treat to you or a beloved gift recipient every month while you remain safely sheltered in your home.

You’re worth it. Why not start by giving yourself this special pamper package?  Your gift to yourself will enhance your reading experience whether you are a morning reader or you prefer to read at a different time of day.

Your gift to yourself or a lucky friend, relative, coworker, neighbor, or mentor will be a satisfying reading experience. And, you’ll be supporting the entrepreneurial efforts of a new American company.

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